How to cook the chickpeas for instant pot hummus

How to Make Quinoa Salad

1. Cook quinoa. 2. Chop veggies. 3. Stir the salad.If you have leftover quinoa from perfectly cooked quinoa on the stovetop, thisbecomes 15 minute quinoa black bean salad. Easy and saves you from McDonald’sfor lunch.My quinoa and black bean salad served double duty of cleaning up my freezerafter many Instant Pot quinoa and Instant Pot black beans experiments. I cookmy own black beans from dried in Instant Pot. They contain no salt. So if youuse low sodium or regular canned black beans, add salt to taste.You can replace black beans with chickpeas. I love a good chickpea salad. Icook dried chickpeas in Instant Pot too. I am obsessed with cooking batches ofstaples in a pressure cooker!

Garbanzo Beans:

* 8 ounces dried garbanzo beans (about 1¼ cup) * 6 cups water * 2 cloves garlic, optional

How to make instant pot hummus:

When the instant pot timer goes off, allow 30 minutes for natural pressurerelease. This is important because the chickpeas will continue to cook for abit here. Before draining the beans, save 1 cup of the chickpea cookingliquid. We’ll use that when we make the hummus.TIP: to make the hummus extra smooth, blend the garlic, tahini, and lemonjuice first. Then add in the rest of the ingredients. Something magicalhappens when lemon juice and tahini get together in the food processor. Thisgives the tahini a chance to loosen up a bit and allows the garlic to disperseits flavor throughout.Once the tahini is blended and airy, we’ll add the olive oil, chickpeas andthe chickpea liquid in batches. Even if your food processor is large enough tohold everything in a single batch, I suggest adding in ½ of the olive oil, ½the chickpeas, and one tablespoon of cooking liquid at a time.You probably won’t end up using the entire cup of chickpea liquid. I used atotal of 3 tablespoons of the chickpea liquid and went with a ½ cup of lemonjuice. This made the hummus tangy and loose and it was perfect for our taste!We like our hummus a little thinner and tangier. If you cut back the lemonjuice to ⅓ cup, you’ll need a little more of that cooking liquid to make upfor it, so you may end up using closer to ½ a cup total or so.

Why Quinoa Is So Healthy?

As mentioned above, quinoa is pretty much the only vegan source of completeprotein. Extremely important for vegans and vegetarians. There is no B12 inother plant-based protein rich foods.I am a strong believer in balance and moderation. That is why we try to eatless meat and when you do that, you look for filling meatless dishes. Andsince black beans and quinoa are high in protein and complex carbs, combinedwith healthy fats rich olive oil and veggies – you get a complete meal in onebowl.Other health benefits of quinoa include very high antioxidants levels, glutenfree and low glycemic index. Tons of vitamins and nutrients like iron andmagnesium. Anything whole food is good for you. Whole food is something youconsume the way mother nature created it and has not been altered by humans.Hope you learnt something new and be healthy!

Serving and storing leftover instant pot hummus

I like to allow the hummus to cool down a bit in the refrigerator beforeserving it. Warm hummus just isn’t my thing, but its good to go once you’veblended it up. I like to drop dollops of hummus into my serving bowl. Drizzleit with olive oil. To finish it off, sprinkle on a generous sprinkle ofza’atar (affiliate link), smoked paprika, or sumac. Hummus tastes better as itsits, so I suggest making this a day ahead of when you plan on serving it.Leftover hummus can go into an airtight container and can be refrigerated forup to 7 days. I’ve tried freezing it before, and hummus can be frozen. But Ido find that it does become a little bit looser once you defrost it. So if youplan on freezing some, make it a little thicker! Pop it into a freezer-safe,airtight container, and leave enough room for expansion! You can freeze thehummus for about 3-4 months.And there you have it! No reason to go out and buy teeny tiny hummuscontainers when you can easily make instant pot hummus at home and customizeit howeverrrrrr you like!

Easy Quinoa Salad Ingredients

1. Super-versatile easy quinoa salad! Having said that, I would not skip fresh jalapeno and garlic. 2. Quinoa, black beans, cilantro, jalapeno, tomato, red onion and simple spices. 3. White, red or tri-color quinoa works. Red quinoa is more hearty and chewy. 4. The truth is you can add any Southwestern fitting veggies and fruit like diced mango, corn, avocado (if making ahead add right before serving), finely shredded kale, bell pepper and cucumber.A note: This is not throw everything together salad. It is in terms ofveggies. But I really-really tested this quinoa salad in terms of the rightbalance of flavors. It has a zest, kick and a punch.

Ingredients for Black Bean Quinoa Salad with Corn

To make this delicious salad * Tricolor quinoa * Black beans * Red wine vinegar * Cooked Corn * Red and Green Bell Peppers * Fresh coriander * Fresh lemon juice * Salt * Ground cumin * Olive oil↑ Back to top.”

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