How to Cook Chicken Thighs in the Slow Cooker

How to Cook Chicken Thighs in the Slow Cooker

I find six chicken thighs fit perfectly in the bottom of my 6-Quart Crock Pot,however, you can still easily make this recipe if you have a different sizedslow cooker. The chicken thighs need to be laid in a single layer at thebottom of the slow cooker, so you are welcome to use as many thighs as willfit in yours.

Crockpot Chicken Thighs

Delicious chicken thigh, cooked in a slow cooker and simmered in a savorysauce. These easy chicken thighs are such a crowd pleaser.This is such a simple recipe with a semi-homemade sauce, that starts with yourfavorite BBQ sauce, and is amped up with extra spices and additions to takeyour chicken to a whole new level.It is sure to be a favorite with its delicious bbq sauce that offers theperfect balance of savory and underlying sweet and goes great over rice.Serve with corn bread, cucumber salad, and rice pilaf for an amazing meal. Orserve over mashed potatoes with a side of creamed corn!If you are anything like me you probably bought a package of chicken thighs,and had no real plan for how you would use it, so you hit up Google orPinterest for ideas.Well let me tell you why you should make this easy Crockpot Chicken Thighsrecipe: * Offers a great universal flavor. Who doesn’t like BBQ chicken? This thigh recipe offers that barbecue flavor you love with some fun twists with the ginger and soy, giving it more depth, and keeping it super tasty. * Requires very minimal effort on the cook. Dump your ingredients into your trusty crockpot and let this magical machine do the work, while you sit back and enjoy the mouth watering aromas, as they permeate through your home. * Tender and delicious: The chicken thighs braise in a crockpot, creating tender pieces of meat that no one can resist. * So Easy: No need to slave away in the kitchen. This is a set it and forget it meal, and you can broil the chicken at the end to get a crispy skin, but otherwise it is hands free cooking at its finest.

Reheating chicken thighs

If reheating after refrigerating, make sure to sprinkle a bit of water overtopand lay a damp paper towel over the chicken. Microwave on high for 1-2minutes.If reheating from frozen, you can do the same water and paper towel trick(this reduces the leftover chicken taste), then microwave on defrost mode for6-7 minutes.In both cases, this reheat time is for 2 chicken thighs at a time.

How to make chicken thighs crispy

My intention for this recipe wasn’t to make super crispy thighs, but reallytender, moist chicken! If you’re looking for crispy chicken, I’d recommendchecking out my other air fryer chicken recipes.There are a couple things you can do to make sure these air fryer chickenthighs are as crispy as possible! * Pat dry the chicken. Make sure you fully dry the chicken thighs after you remove them from the brine to get rid of any excess moisture. If they’re soggy, they won’t crisp up well as they fry. * Don’t overlap the thighs. If the thighs are touching in the air fryer, the air won’t be able to reach every part of the chicken and they will be uneven. * Add a breading. After the thighs have been seasoned and oiled, try adding the breading from this air fryer chicken nuggets recipe.

Can you stack chicken thighs in an air fryer?

No! You want the air to reach all sides of the chicken thigh to cook and crispthe outside fully. If the thighs are overlapping, they will cook unevenly.Pro tipCook 2 chicken thighs at a time, then store the cooked thighs in a 200ºF ovento keep them warm while you cook the remaining chicken.

Tip 2: Use Chicken Thighs, Bone In

Why is my slow cooker chicken tough?Well what kind of chicken did you use? A chicken breast is lean, which isgreat, but due to having very little fat it is at risk for over cooking andbecoming less tender when cooked in a slow cooker. Chicken breasts are bettergrilled or seared stove top at higher temperatures, rather than low and slow.Benefits of Bone-In Chicken Thighs:The ideal chicken for tenderness when cooked slow is bone-in chicken thighs.The bones don’t hold onto the heat, preventing the meat from drying out,unlike with lean chicken breasts.Bone-in chicken will stay tender, unlike lean chicken breasts, which riskdrying out, so opt for thighs with bone for slow cooker recipes like this one.

Equipment for this recipe

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