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Nana’s Banana Pudding – The Rise to Local Fame

Nana’s Banana Pudding used to be kind of famous, famous around here anyway.When my husband and I were leaders of our church youth group many years ago,we would meet at our house on Wednesday nights. We would feed around a dozenteenagers (mostly boys). My mom would often bring over some type of dessert.Nana’s Banana Pudding was one of the favorites. There was one particular boywho especially loved Nana’s Banana Pudding. We’ll call him Carl. He’s not thesame Carl from the story last week about how I heroically saved a puppy fromcertain death. I’m just not very creative at coming up with fake names, sothis boy has to be Carl as well.Carl LOVED Nana’s Banana Pudding! He would go on and on about Nana’s BananaPudding. If there wasn’t Banana Pudding on the kitchen island when he arrivedat our house, he would ask if there was going to be Nana’s Banana Pudding.There was just this one problem with Carl. He apparently didn’t like whippedtopping.One day my mom’s container that she usually put the Banana Pudding in eachweek was still in the fridge holding some other leftovers. She had to use asmaller container which meant some of the Banana Pudding didn’t fit. She putthe overflow of Banana Pudding back into the plastic whipped topping containerthat she had just emptied while making the Banana Pudding.Tragically, Carl saw the plastic whipped topping container. He asked if therewas whipped topping in the Banana Pudding. We told him there was. He waspractically crying after that because he couldn’t eat the Banana Puddinganymore. We asked him why, and he told us it was because he doesn’t likewhipped topping.We tried to explain that he had been eating the Banana Pudding for months, andhe obviously liked it. That logic did not work on Carl. He was too smart to befooled by our reasoning. He no longer liked Nana’s Banana Pudding because acontainer of whipped topping is one of the ingredients. It was a sad day forCarl. He never touched the Banana Pudding again.

What’s your goto dish for gatherings and carry-ins?

If you found this post helpful, please like, share, tweet, pin, follow, andsubscribe to The House That Never Slumbers! Uncooked Banana PuddingThis was excellent! I made it exactly as written except I soaked the slicedbananas in acidulated water to prevent them from turning brown. I sprinkledcrushed vanilla wafters on the top because the picture with the whole cookieson top doesn’t look very appealing. My husband, who loves banana anything, ateit all gone!This is delicious and super-easy. I have made 2 double batches in the pastweek for people at my school, it went like hotcakes. Several people asked forthe recipe. I used french vanilla pudding mix, one extra-creamy CoolWhip andone Vanilla CoolWhip, 8 oz. regular sour cream and 8 oz. light sour cream. Iused about 1/2 cup less milk than the full quart needed so the pudding wouldnot be soupy. I also used Pepperidge Farm Mini-Chessmen cookies in place ofthe vanilla wafers. I highly recommend using Chessmen cookies, either regularsize or minis, anytime you make banana pudding. They really class up thetaste. That said, if you are only making a single batch, I would use theregular sour cream instead of the light, since light sour cream has a muchsofter texture and probably would make a ‘soupier’ pudding. All in all, awonderful pudding recipe and really quick and easy! Thanks for the posting!Not your typical banana pudding taste. I really like this one better. It’s notquite as sweet and rich. Has a GREAT flavor! I like it better if you make itahead and let it chill for 24 hours before you serve. Also, I always stir thebananas into the pudding then layer with wafer.Wonderful banana pudding recipe. My kind of recipe very easy and fast to makeand not a ton of complicated ingredients or instructions. Tastes great. I used2 small 3.4 oz. boxes of vanilla pudding instead of one larger one. Stayedwith the same amounts of milk sour cream and cool whip. It was a littlethicker but I actually liked the neat servings out of the bowl being lesssloppy than your usual puddings. My mistake: I whisked the pudding sour creamcool whip and milk but discovered that some of the pudding mix was on thebottom and didn’t get mixed in until I was pouring the last layer. I mixed itin as best I could but had a bit of a lumpy super thick last layer. No onenoticed though as they were too busy gobbling it up. Even if you don’t usethis recipe I highly recommend using any recipe calling for the vanillapudding in the banana pudding dish and NOT banana pudding mixes. Bananapudding mix has sort of an artificial banana flavor but the real bananas andthe vanilla pudding make it perfect.this dessert was amazing, and very rich. I served it to my in laws and theyloved it. I also made it with chocolate pudding, and oreos and again was a bighit. looking forward to experimenting with many pudding flavors.This recipe was so easy my husband thought there ws no way it would be good!He is used to “his Mom’s” baked banana pudding and thought this would not comeclose. I made it for a dinner party we had, and he LOVED it, as did every oneelse. I used light sour cream, light cool whip, and 1% milk, and I couldn’timagine it any better. Thanks for the easy recipe it ROCKS!Made this last night for girl’s night with ALL fat free or low fatingredients. It was such a big hit! I had some today 24hrs later and found itto be even better now that the cookies have softened up. This was greatdifferent and sooo easy!Sooo good!! I used sugar free pudding, fat free milk, and light cool whip withdelicious results, and a little less guilt!! It is also wonderful poured intoa graham cracker crustWonderful easy recipe. I always end up using more bananas than what this callsfor though…Update: Every time I make this one I get raves. I think its thesour cream.Not bad I would cut the sour cream down to 4 ounces though I could still tastean over powering taste of sour cream. Would make again though just tweek it abit. I would give 3.5 starts if I could so I will give it a 3 for now.

Tips for making whipped cream

Cold heavy whipping cream will thicken up more quickly than if it’s roomtemperature. A stand mixer is a big time saver! You do have to watch it andstop it as the whipped cream is thick and fluffy. If it beats too long it willruin the whipped cream texture. If you don’t have a stand mixer, an electrichand mixer will do just as well. If you don’t have a hand mixer, you can use awhisk. It will take quite a bit longer though.And now on to the recipe! Scroll down for step-by-step photos followed by aprintable recipe card. If you don’t have a printer, hit print then save as aPDF.

What kind of bananas are the best to use?

I prefer bananas that are a little overripe. They have so much more flavor.Some people prefer to use less ripe bananas for the firmer texture. Of courseyou can use any bananas you have on hand.

Can you make this banana pudding ever faster and easier?

Yes! If you’re really in a hurry, you can substitute whipped topping for thewhipped cream. You can also forego the chilling in the refrigerator. Thecookies won’t be softened, but some people prefer them crunchier anyway.

What kinds of dishes can you put banana pudding in?

If you don’t have a 9×13 baking dish or would just like to use something else,there are lots of other options. I’ve seen banana puddings at parties inpretty trifle bowls and fancy antique glass bowls. If you use a deeper bowllike the one below, you may have to use thinner and more layers of puddingthan I did here. And you may have to add the cookies along the sides one layerat a time as you build the pudding up.If you’re taking it to a barbecue or potluck, I would recommend putting it inan aluminum half tray for easy of cleanup. You also won’t have to worry abouttracking a dish down to bring home.


* 3 cups milk * 1 oz box instant vanilla pudding * 4 oz box instant banana pudding * 14 oz can sweetened condensed milk * 1 qt (about 4 cups) heavy whipping cream * 5 teaspoons sugar * 1 box Nilla Wafers * 4 bananas, sliced into circles”

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