How do I tell whether my chicken drumsticks are done

Why you will love this easy baked chicken drumsticks recipe

* Simple – this recipe is totally easy and makes use of just 5 everyday ingredients that you most probably have. If not, you are certain to find them at your local supermarket. * Efficient – You can complete other tasks while the chicken drumsticks bake. This is not the case when for example, frying the drumsticks. * Healthy – just a bunch of spices and healthy good old olive oil. * Cost friendly – Another thing, chicken drumsticks or legs are cost-friendly, in comparison to, for example, chicken wings. You basically, get more meat for less money.

Kitchen equipment

No fancy gourmet equipment needed. Basically, all you need is your everydaykitchen tools or utensils. * Cup – to prepare the marinade * Mixing bowl – to mix together the chicken and the marinade * Paper towel or a clean kitchen cloth – to take off excess moisture from the drumsticks * Baking sheet or tray * Parchment paper – to prevent the chicken legs from sticking on the tray * Kitchen tongs – to remove the chicken legs from the oven * Meat thermometer – highly recommended


1x2x3x * 7-8 chicken drumsticks or legs (about 7-8 legs) * ½ tsp turmeric * 1 tsp salt * 2 tsp curry powder * ¼ cup olive oil

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now in regular in my house !!!I followed the recipe as close as I could. I always try to, at least the firsttime. However, I don’t use or keep onion salt or garlic salt, so I used onion& garlic POWDERS + a little table salt. (I did add a bit of cumin, from areview, to the spice mix, but DW picked it up right away & said, “It wasawesome, but leave the cumin out, next time.”) We both found ourselves pullingthe awesome, crispy skin off & treating it like another side-dish! This was,BY FAR, the best, most honest & simple chicken thigh recipe we’ve ever tasted!I may never even attempt to GRILL thighs again… no matter the weather!!!We’re already on the hunt for more $.99/lb thighs! Thank you so much,Nicole!!!Followed recipe exactly. Thighs were crispy and tasty. Don’t know how withthese ingredients the thighs become crispy, but they do. Easy recipe.

How do I tell whether my chicken drumsticks are done?

* The chicken should display at least 165°F or 74°C on an instant-read meat thermometer. This is actually the best and safe way to be sure. TIP: If you want your chicken drumsticks to have crispy skin, then aim for a minimum temperature of 185° F. * The waters should run clear and the chicken legs should no longer be bloody. * Cooked chicken legs or drumsticks as they are sometimes known will feel firm to the touch when pressed. Uncooked chicken drumsticks, on the other hand, feel soft. * The flesh at the thinner side of the bone on the chicken leg separates and pulls on towards the upper and wider side of the drumstick. This said, the best method however, still remains using a meat thermometer.


This recipe uses 7-8 chicken drumsticks. I like to double or triple theportion, if having visitors or if we are basically too hungry. If you chooseto make a batch, then use different trays or racks. I would say do not crowdthem too much otherwise they will not be crispy.We will also be using some salt, olive oil, turmeric and curry powder to makethe marinade.Ingredients

Easy Baked Chicken Drumsticks Recipe

Kate HahnelHealthy and easy baked chicken drumsticks recipe that results in chicken legsso tender and crispy on the outside. Paleo and Low Carb.Prep Time 35 minsCook Time 35 minsTotal Time 1 hr 10 minsCourse Dinner, LunchCuisine African, AmericanServings 3Calories 417 kcal”

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