Healthy banana bread recipe with applesauce

13 Healthy Cookie Recipes That Are Easy to Make (Easy Banana Oatmeal

Cookies Recipe & More)These healthy Banana Oatmeal Cookies are made with only 3 ingredients: banana,oats, and chocolate chips. This recipe is so easy to make and is one of ourfavorite healthy cookie recipes.Print Pin RateServings: 12 CookiesAuthor: Izzy

Healthy Cookie Recipes without Sugar

* Healthy Banana Oatmeal Cookies: Healthy, delicious and moist, these Banana Oatmeal Cookies are a must try! It’s an easy cookie recipe that only uses 3 ingredients: ripe bananas, oats and chocolate chips. * 3 Ingredient Sugar Free Flourless Cookies: This recipe is flourless, egg-free and sugar-free! It’s peanut butter cookies with a healthy makeover – but wait they’re completely keto, paleo, vegan, gluten-free, and grain-free too! * Sugar Free Sugar Cookies: Crisp edges, soft middle and a nice crumb – these Buttery sugar free sugar cookies completely melt in your mouth. They are great for weight loss and you can enjoy them with a nice cup of tea! * Healthy Protein Cookies: These oat protein breakfast cookies are made without butter or processed sugar, and are gluten-free! They’re perfect for a on-the-go breakfast or a small treat before a workout.

How to make banana bread using applesauce

Start by mixing mashed bananas and sugar in a mixing bowl followed by theapplesauce. Then add the eggs one at a time and mix well after each addition.Mix in the Greek yogurt and vanilla and finish by adding the flour, bakingpowder and baking soda. Fold in half of the walnuts into the batter.Pour the batter into the prepared pan and bake in the oven for about 50minutes. Test the doneness by inserting a toothpick into the banana bread. Ifit comes out with raw batter, let it bake in the oven for another ten minutes.Cool the bread in the pan for about 10 minutes and then transfer it to acooling rack.

What are the Healthiest Cookies?

If you’re looking for a healthy cookie, opt for recipes that use healthyingredients like oatmeal, almond butter, and peanut butter. Overall, be sureto look for cookie recipes that are flourless, and can swap butter forapplesauce or healthier alternatives.

Can I turn this recipe into muffins?

Yes! I’m not sure how many muffins this recipe yields. Divide the batterbetween the muffin liners and fill ⅔ of each muffin liner. Bake in the ovenfor about 18-20 minutes.

What to serve with this quick bread:

Banana Applesauce Bread is a great recipe to mix in with heavier holidaybaking. Serve it with greek yogurt and Strawberry Jam for a healthy Christmasmorning breakfast. Or since you are saving on calories and fat, serve a smallslice with a scoop of Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream or frost your loaf with CreamCheese Frosting!

Healthy banana bread recipe with applesauce

Ever wondered what you can substitute for vegetable oil in banana bread? Hereis your answer: the good old applesauce. The texture is perfect for bananabread and it keeps the bread just as soft and moist but with much fewercalories.Store made banana breads are usually full of unnecessary amounts of sugar andbutter? If you love banana bread and make it often, you might want to givethis healthy banana bread with applesauce a chance. The best part about thishealthy banana bread is that it’s not dry at all thanks to the apple sauce.Even though it’s made without butter, it’s super moist and flavorful. It’s nottoo sweet and is packed with flavor thanks to ripe bananas.”

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