Ground Beef Brown Rise Stuffed Peppers

Ground Beef & Brown Rise Stuffed Peppers

Prep Time12 minsCook Time1 hrTotal Time1 hr 12 minsServings: 6 -8 servingsAuthor: Silvia Ribas

Easy Korean Ground Beef Bowl

Korean beef bowls are quick and easy to make. The ingredients can easily beadjusted to suit your taste. Serve over warm rice or spiralized vegetables.

More Stuffed Bell Pepper Recipes

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The Best Type of Peppers for Stuffing

Today’s selection of peppers comes from a mix of grocery store varieties (red,yellow and orange) and ultra local farmer’s market (more yellows and purple)for a rainbow of sweetness begging to be stuffed.If you prefer green peppers, for sure go for it and use them instead.I went back to the memory of my mom’s recipe with ground beef and rice in atomato based sauce, and embellished it with chunks of mushroom and fresh cutcorn and a sprinkle of herbs and red pepper flakes.

Unstuffed Cabbage Roll

This is a quick and easy main dish. My kids don’t even like cabbage, but theylove this. I usually try to serve it with green beans, new potatoes, corn, anda pan of corn bread. They eat over half the pan every time. Also, the longerit stands the better it tastes.

What You Can Put In Stuffed Peppers

This is one of those throw what you have in the fridge type of recipes. Use myportions as guidelines but definitely put on your experimental hat whenchoosing ingredients: * Red, yellow, orange or even green bell peppers * Lean ground beef * Mushrooms * Cooked white rice (you can use brown rice, farro or quinoa, too) * Tomato sauce * Corn, celery and garlic * Cheese, I added some grated fontina, but you could use Monterey jack or mozzarella or whatever’s on hand. * If you prefer green bell peppers, certainly use them instead of or in addition to this bevy of colorful beauties.Cut the tops off of the peppers to stuff the whole thing with beefy goodness.If you prefer smaller portions, cut the peppers in half and serve open faced.

The Best Rice for Stuffed Peppers

Medium, long grain white rice or jasmine rice is the rice I use most often instuffed peppers. But brown rice or other grains like farro or quinoa in thesepeppers are terrific options too.This is a great recipe to use up leftover rice. Or, while the meat is cooking,prepare the white rice or other grain you’re adding to the pepper mixture, andstir it into the meat and vegetables just before filling the peppers.”

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