Grilled Italian Chicken Breasts Recipe

Perfectly Grilled Thighs

This recipe is a favorite because the marinade does all the work adding flavorand making the chicken extra tender. (This marinade is great brushed ontogrilled veggies, too)!It takes just minutes to prep the marinade and then only about 10-15 minutesto grill (of course time for marinating in between too). Easy peasy!Serve these grilled chicken thighs with a southern potato salad or garlic dillnew potatoes and toss some corn on the grill while you’re at it!

Italian Grilled Chicken Breasts

Julie EvinkThese quick, juicy grilled chicken breasts are marinated in Italian dressingfor a delicious dinner recipe. Italian Grilled Chicken Breasts are the perfecteasy weeknight grilling recipe everyone is sure to enjoy!Prep Time 10 minsCook Time 10 minsMarinating 4 hrsTotal Time 20 minsCourse Main CourseCuisine AmericanServings 4Calories 271 kcal

How to make Grilled Italian Chicken Breasts

* Prepare Chicken Breasts – Pound the chicken breasts so they are even with the flat side of a meat mallet or rolling pin. This helps them grill evenly. * Marinate – Pour Italian dressing into ziploc bag, squeeze air out and seal. Place in refrigerator for 4-12 hours to marinate. * Grill – Clean and preheat your grill to 350 degrees. Place chicken breasts on the grill and grill 5 minutes, then flip and grill an additional 5 minutes or until the internal temperature of chicken is 165 degree FPretty simple huh? My kinda meal!

What do I need to make Grilled Italian Chicken Breasts?

* boneless skinless chicken breasts * Italian salad dressing


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How to make grilled boneless chicken thighs

* Combine all of the ingredients for the marinade together in a bowl or a large zipper topped bag. * Add in the chicken, cover, and let it marinate for at least 30 minutes, but you can go up to overnight if you prefer. * Preheat the grill on medium high heat (about 400 degrees F). * Grill the chicken thighs for about 5 minutes per side, until the internal temperature reads 160 degrees F on a meat thermometer. * The chicken thighs will spread out pretty thin, this is how they should be cooked, don’t let them roll up or use bone in thighs or else the cooking time will be extended and they’ll take longer.

Tender, Juicy Grilled Chicken Thighs!

While these grilled chicken thighs make a stellar meal all on their own, don’tforget to pair them with a nice side of grilled vegetables or grilled sweetpotatoes. These are so great to make for a nice weekend meal or even a funtreat to watching during the big game!Get ready to devour these grilled chicken thighs because they’re just so good!Tender and juicy plus perfectly seasoned with a few pantry staples that cometogether to give them an amazing flavor!We love that you can have this quick dinner done on the grill in 30 minutes!Another one of our favorite easy chicken dinners on the grill is PineappleChicken!”

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