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School is coming to a close very soon and our schedules are getting hectic!That means dinner needs to be easy and delicious. Something that can bewhipped up with little effort and still keep the kids excited for dinner. Thisis when bringing out classic favorites like KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese Dinnerreally rock our world!I mean what kid didn’t grow up loving KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese Dinner? And nowit is better than ever with 9g of protein per serving!How do you normally pair your KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese Dinner?I’ve seen some amazing ideas across the years from adding it to bakedpotatoes, making mini macaroni & cheese cups and even turning it into a funmacaroni & cheese bar with toppings like bacon, peas, mushrooms and more. Andof course there is the traditional taco salad with KRAFT Macaroni & CheeseDinner.And all of these are awesome ideas for dinner. Seriously they all soundfantastic. But my family has this obsession with chicken. So, to please myhungry little ones I had to go the chicken route and create a Cheesy KRAFTMacaroni & Cheese Chicken Casserole! Plus chicken is a lot nicer to my preggotummy than other options right now.Cook Time 38 minutesTotal Time 38 minutes

How would you use KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese Dinner to make a complete family

dinner?The Best Jalapeño Popper Chicken Casserole (Keto, Low Carb)We may earn money from the products/companies mentioned in this post. As anAmazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.This low carb keto chicken casserole is spicy, savory, and downrightmouthwatering. Jalapeño popper chicken casserole with bacon is about to becomea weeknight favorite in your home when you need an easy, one dish keto dinnerthat the whole family will enjoy. Serve it up all on its own or with yourvegetables or fresh salad on the side.Jalapeño poppers are so yummy. So is bacon. And this keto chicken casserolecombines the two for the perfect low carb dinner treat! (Also works as a TrimHealthy Mama S meal.)The cheesy, savory goodness combined with the salty, smoky bacon and subtleheat from the jalapeños in this keto casserole recipe come together in a waythat leaves you feeling incredibly satisfied.


Calories: 433kcal | Carbohydrates: 3g | Protein: 32g | Fat: 32g | SaturatedFat: 17g | Cholesterol: 149mg | Sodium: 527mg | Potassium: 482mg | Fiber: 1g |Sugar: 1g | Vitamin A: 893IU | Vitamin C: 2mg | Calcium: 246mg | Iron: 1mgJalapeno Popper Chicken CasseroleAll of the delicious flavor of cream cheese jalapeño poppers are stuffed intothis Jalapeño Popper Chicken Casserole recipe to make a quick, easy, and overthe top tasty dinner. You will find tender chicken breast layered with creamcheese and topped with fresh jalapeño peppers and rich cheddar cheese andfinished off with the perfect amount of crispy bacon. If you love jalapeñopoppers as an appetizer you are going to go crazy for this easy dinner recipe.Not only is it super delicious, as a bonus, it is gluten free, low carb, andketo friendly!********** Can I ask you a favor? Would you take a second to click here andfollow me on Pinterest? It is the easiest way for me to share more deliciousrecipes like this one with you! It also really helps my blog thrive, which isso so helpful to me and all the work I do bringing these recipes to you. I SOappreciate your help! ~ Kimber *************

Serving Your Spicy Chicken Keto Casserole

This casserole is best served right out of the oven for gooey cheesy, creamytexture, and best flavor.If you want to make it up in advance, it makes a marvelous make ahead meal oreven a freezer dinner. Simply cover and store it uncooked, and bake it beforeserving.You can keep any leftovers in the fridge for 3-5 days in an airtightcontainer. To reheat simply sprinkle the top with a few drops of water andmicrowave lightly covered.If you are looking for more low carb dinner ideas, you may enjoy my Low CarbDinner Cookbook!You may also like this Low Carb Bacon Jalapeño Popper Pizza.And these Buffalo Bacon Jalapeño Poppers or this Jalapeño Popper Cauliflower“Mac” and Cheese!Yield: 9 Servings

How to serve Jalapeño Popper Chicken Casserole

It is a little hard to imagine this Jalapeño Popper Chicken Casserole notgoing well with something, but there are a few sides that do pair extra wellwith this recipe. Once you remove the Jalapeño Popper Chicken Casserole fromthe oven, you will want to serve it while it is nice and hot. Generally aserving is about 4 oz of chicken which can vary based on size, but isgenerally around half of an average grocery store chicken breast. I like toserve the chicken and all the jalapeño popper toppings with a couple of sidesto make a well rounded meal. Here are a few suggestions:

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Share a picture and tag @my_montana_kitchen_thm!The Ultimate Jalapeño Popper Chicken Casserole Keto RecipeThis Ultimate Jalapeño Popper Chicken Casserole is an easy keto, low-carb mealyour family will love! Layered with shredded chicken, creamy cheese, crispybacon, and jalapeño peppers, this recipe has all the jalapeño popper flavorsyou love.

Chicken Casserole

* 3 green onions finely chopped * 2 cloves minced garlic * 1 bag frozen petite peas * 1 can 12.5 oz chicken breast * 8 oz sour cream * 1 cup shredded cheese ( your choice of cheese)”

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