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Making Green Enchilada Sauce

I recently made a batch of green enchilada sauce. My recipe makes two quartsso I save it in pint size portions. One pint (2 cups) is the amount needed tomake these enchiladas.Making homemade green enchilada sauce means you get exactly what you love.If you don’t have time to make your own enchilada sauce, I like Las PalmasGreen Chile Enchilada Sauce.

More Enchilada Recipes To Try

Creamy Green Chile Chicken EnchiladasIf you haven’t had these green chile chicken enchiladas, you are missing out!The easy from-scratch white sauce makes them over the top!There are those days that call for enchiladas.And there are those days that scream for enchiladas, if you know what I mean.And today is a screaming day.If you haven’t made these creamy green chile chicken enchiladas, you have notlived.Pinned over 50,000 times, there’s a reason they are so popular.They don’t just look good on Pinterest…they ARE good.Crazy good.I first posted this recipe waaay back when in 2010 and many, many of you havemade these enchiladas and loved them (just a quick glance through the commentsaffirms this).Growing up, my mom made enchiladas for dinner a lot.A lot, a lot.And it wasn’t until college that I realized chicken enchiladas are sometimes,often…ok, usually, made with red sauce.What?!? Creamy white chicken enchiladas were all I knew.My existence completely revolved around them.(P.S.: It wasn’t until this divine red sauce version came into my life that Ifinally admitted, just slightly, that red sauce enchiladas should even beplayers in the enchilada field.)Over the years I’ve tweaked my mom’s fabulous recipe to use a really simplehomemade white sauce + added hearty white beans and a touch of creaminess tothe chicken and green chile filling.They are easy and delicious – the perfect combo for a weeknight meal.AND, they can be made ahead of time. I’ve made them the night before or themorning of, and they bake up great after being refrigerated for a little bit.I’ve even frozen them (a big hooray for freezer meals!).The texture of the tortillas and of the sauce tends to change a bit uponfreezing and then baking later (the tortillas soften quite a bit), but itdoesn’t bother us.If you’ve made these in the past, be sure to check out the notes of the recipebelow.While I’ve left the recipe the same, I’ve added some variations andsubstitutions that I use quite often now (that tends to happen when you’vemade the same recipe for almost a decade).And all that means for you is that the recipe is even easier and moreadaptable.They can be made with flour or corn tortillas, with white beans or without,with canned green chiles or with green enchilada sauce or salsa verde.After all this time, creamy “white” green chile chicken enchiladas are stillone of my favorite meals ever.Mexican Rice Fresh, seasonal fruit Roasted broccoli or asparagus Garnishes such as lime wedges, cilantro, sour cream, extra cheese, or cherrytomatoesOne Year Ago: Almond Joy Chocolate Chip Cookies Two Years Ago: Cinnamon & Sugar Dusted Whole Grain Applesauce Muffins Three Years Ago: Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Stuffed Peppers {With a Slow CookerVariation} Four Years Ago: Smothered Sweet Pork Burritos Five Years Ago: Peaches and Cream SensationYield: 6 servingsPrep Time: 25 minutesCook Time: 35 minutesTotal Time: 1 hour


* Prepare Chicken. This recipe uses cooked, shredded chicken. If you haven’t cooked the chicken breast, cook it in water until fully cooked, then shred it with a fork or chop. You can do this earlier in the day or the day before. * Prepare Filling. In a medium size bowl, using hand mixer, whip softened cream cheese. Mix in ½ cup sour cream and 1 cup green enchilada sauce. Using spoon, stir in shredded chicken. Set aside. * Prepare Topping. In a separate bowl, combine 1 cup green enchilada sauce and ½ cup sour cream. Set aside. * Preheat oven to 350℉. * Fry Tortillas. In a skillet, comal or roti pan, on medium-high heat, fry each tortilla individually and stack them on a plate. To fry: spray each tortilla, one at a time, very lightly with cooking spray and place on skillet. Fry each side of the tortillas very quickly, about 10-15 seconds on each side. You are trying to heat it and give it a little color. The tortilla should be floppy, not hard. Once you’ve completed the entire stack, place another plate on top and flip the stack over onto the other plate. This keeps the first tortilla from getting too cooked. Frying is a very quick process but it’s important not to skip it. * Note: You may want to spray the pan a little with cooking spray, especially around the sides where the enchiladas may stick during baking. Pour ½ cup enchilada Topping (see step 3 above) in bottom of 9 x 13″ baking pan and spread it around the entire bottom with a spoon. * Place about two tablespoons of enchilada Filling (see step 2 above) in each softened tortilla, roll up and place, seam side down, in baking pan. Carefully squeeze them in there, as necessary, until all tortillas are in the pan. * Add remaining half of enchilada Topping down the center third of each tortilla, leaving the edges open (this will allow them to get a bit crispy in the oven). Distribute the shredded cheese across the top. * Place in oven, uncovered and cook for 15-20 minutes, until bubbly and cheese is melted. * Allow to cool for about 15 minutes before cutting.Note: If there is a video, it will not display while there is an adblocker.

Easy Verde Chicken Enchilada Recipe

To keep this recipe super easy I use flour tortillas, store bought verdeenchilada sauce, I don’t make my own cream sauce, and I use rotisseriechicken!Traditional enchiladas can be daunting to make at home. That is why I lovethis recipe!What you will NOT be doing: * Making your own enchilada sauce * Frying corn tortillas in oil * Dipping corn tortillas in sauce * Making a cream sauceWhat you WILL be doing: * Opening a few cans * Stirring * Chopping an onion, cilantro and some chicken. * Making a super easy and delicious dinner for your family * Figuring out what to do with your extra time!

Ways To Customize Your Green Enchilada Sauce:

Feel free to also: * Add more heat: As mentioned above, you can always add the seeds in with your jalapeño (or toss in an extra jalapeño) to up the spicy factor * Add cilantro: If you’re planning to use this as a finishing sauce (and not cook it again), a small handful of fresh cilantro would be delicious in this sauce. * Thin out your sauce: If it seems a little too thick for your liking, feel free to add in a little extra water or vegetable stock to thin it out.

Easy Green Enchilada Sauce Recipe

Green enchilada sauce is surprisingly easy to make with fresh tomatillos,peppers, onion, garlic, and cilantro. It’s made smooth in the blender and thencooked down to a thick texture.Green enchilada sauce is one of those things you didn’t realize you weremissing in your life until you try it for the first time. It’s so much betterthan anything you can buy in a can at the grocery store and you’ll be shockedthat you ever used anything else.Have you had homemade enchilada sauce before? It’s so magical! It’s such asimple way to add so much flavor to your favorite dishes and it’s easy.I grow most of the vegetables called for in this recipe in my garden and I’lloften make a few large batches late in the summer and freeze them to use allwinter long. It’s a great way to use up seasonal produce and store all thatflavor away for the winter.

Ways To Use Your Green Enchilada Sauce:

As I mentioned above, there are countless ways you could put this greenenchilada sauce recipe to work! It would sub in well for any of my recipeshere on the blog that call for red enchilada sauce. (<– Just keep an eye onthe amount, since this recipe yields a larger batch.) Otherwise, somesuggestions could include: * Enchiladas: Swap red for green sauce in these chicken, roasted cauliflower, beef, vegan, or other various enchilada recipes here on Gimme Some Oven * Mexi Breakfast Recipes: This sauce would be perfect for making migas, chilaquiles, huevos rancheros or breakfast burritos * Mexi Dinner Recipes: This sauce would be delicious mixed into tamales, tacos, nachos, quesadillas, burritos, fajitas, soups, stews * Finishing Sauce: Free free to drizzle it on top of chicken breasts, fish, shrimp, steak, tofu…you name it. * Salad Dressing: Thin out the sauce with some water and try using it as a dressing for my everyday salad recipe.It also freezes well, so feel free to make a double batch and save some forlater.Enjoy, everyone!Printclock clock iconcutlery cutlery iconflag flag iconfolder folder iconinstagraminstagram iconpinterest pinterest iconfacebook facebook iconprint printiconsquares squares iconheart heart iconheart solid heart solid icon* * *"

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