Can you stack chicken thighs in an air fryer

How long to cook chicken thighs in the air fryer?

In my air fryer, these take about 17 minutes on one side and an additional 6minutes on the other side. Exact time will vary depending on your air fryerand the size of the chicken thighs.

Tips & tricks for making chicken thighs in air fryer

* Preheat the air fryer before cooking. * Cook in a single layer. Four chicken thighs fits comfortably in my air fryer basket. There should be no overlapping or stacking of chicken. * Place aluminum foil under the basket. This will collect any excess flour and make clean up a breeze. * Spray with cooking spray. Give the chicken a spritz with cooking spray a few times as they cook. This helps the flour coating stick to the chicken and makes them extra crispy. * Use a meat thermometer to check for done-ness. All air fryers are a bit different and cooking times may vary. The chicken needs to cook until its internal temperature reaches 165 F. * Thighs should be bone-in and skin-on for this recipe.

Healthy air fryer recipes: mains

From chicken to meatballs to salmon, these are the dishes you can build mealsaround. Pair these main dishes with veggie-heavy sides for a nutritious andbalanced meal.The air fryer is primarily responsible for rendering these chicken wingscrispy, but baking powder is what helps them earn extra-crispy status. That’sbecause the baking powder helps the chicken to brown even faster. Theseasoning blend on these wings (salt, garlic, chili powder) make them tastywhen served just as they are, but if you’re feeling saucy, reach for yourfavorite BBQ, ranch, or what-have-you. The next time you’re craving wings,skip the deep-fried ones from the corner pizza joint and make these.We all need a go-to healthy air fryer chicken breast recipe. This one does itfor me — especially when I want chicken as a topper for a quick salad or grainbowl. This recipe is for two chicken breasts and uses dried spices includinghardworking, herby Italian seasoning to build flavor. After a couple ofminutes in the air fryer, you’ve got juicy chicken breasts with the mostappealing golden sear. Has this dish whetted your appetite for air fryerchicken breast recipes? There are more where this came from.Okay, remember that bag of breaded chicken nuggets I mentioned earlier?Instead of reaching for those when hunger strikes, whip up these easy-to-makehealthy air fryer chicken tenders. Some of the breadcrumbs are replaced withParmesan cheese, which keeps them carb-conscious. And since these are notfried, they’re not full of unnecessary fat. I tend to make extra of these andfreeze them for those days when the call (and ease) of chicken nuggets isstrong.Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to salmon. You want theflavor of the fish to come through with just enough seasoning to highlight itsflavor. That’s why I like this recipe. It uses heart-healthy avocado oil,salt, pepper, and paprika to flavor the fish. But the real reason you need totry this healthy air fryer salmon recipe is for the cooking method. In 7minutes you’ll have juicy, perfectly cooked salmon. Keep in mind that if youmake more than what the recipe calls for, the cook time might need to beincreased.I can’t get over how vibrant, juicy, and seriously flavorful these air fryerpork chops are. In part, that’s to do with starting off with a thick, center-cut chop that won’t dry out during cooking. Serving them with a deliciousItalian-style salsa verde doesn’t hurt either. The pork chops are seasonedlike classic Italian porchetta (with fennel seeds, black pepper, freshrosemary, and red pepper flakes), so don’t be surprised if you get peoplewandering into the kitchen asking you what’s for dinner the second the chopsstart cooking.Air fryer meatballs are definitely a game changer — especially if you normallypan-fry your meatballs and finish them off in sauce. There’s no sputtering inhot oil here! A mixture of lean ground beef and lean ground pork keeps the fatlevels in check without omitting the flavor, so you won’t have to worry aboutmessy cooking or bland meatballs. I love to make meatballs for meal prep andenjoy them on salad and in soups. Any extras go straight to the freezer.Sometimes, healthy eating looks like satisfying your cravings withoutcompromising your health goals. If you’re a major fan of the sweet and crispytaste of coconut shrimp but are trying to limit the fried foods in your life,this thoughtful version deserves your attention. It uses sweetened shreddedcoconut (you can go for unsweetened instead, though the flavor is verydifferent), panko, and flour for the breading — the regular cast — so theflavor is just like what you’re craving. But skipping the deep fryer in favorof the air fryer means you don’t feel weighed down after eating them. I reallylike these when a veggie stir-fry is also on the menu. For serving, you mightskip the usual sugary sweet chili dipping sauce for a squeeze of lemon.

What can I serve with this air fryer chicken?

Turn these crispy chicken thighs into a full meal with a side of mashedpotatoes and coleslaw. A basket of dinner rolls or cheddar bay biscuits wouldbe perfect too! While not easy to cook at the same time, I often cook my AirFryer Baked Potato beforehand, then heat up in the microwave when it’s timefor dinner.

Can you stack chicken thighs in an air fryer?

No! You want the air to reach all sides of the chicken thigh to cook and crispthe outside fully. If the thighs are overlapping, they will cook unevenly.Pro tipCook 2 chicken thighs at a time, then store the cooked thighs in a 200ºF ovento keep them warm while you cook the remaining chicken.

Other chicken thigh recipes to try

If you love tender, juicy baked chicken thighs, here are other chicken thighrecipes to try:

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