Can you Freeze Air Fryer Hard Boiled Eggs

How to Make Air Fryer Hard-Boiled Eggs

There aren’t any fancy tricks to making great-tasting hard-boiled eggs in yourair fryer. It’s as simple as preheating your air fryer to 250°F – it’s notessential, but if you opt to cook your eggs straight away, they’ll need alittle extra time in the fryer. Place the eggs in the basket of your airfryer, close the lid, and cook them for 13 to 17 minutes, depending on whetheryou prefer your egg yolks soft-boiled (on the runny side) or hard-boiled.As your eggs are cooking, fill a bowl with ice and cold water. Once your timerhas gone off, put the eggs into the ice water to stop them from cooking anyfurther. Voila! Perfect air fryer hard-boiled eggs.

How to make:

Arrange your eggs in the basket, being careful not to over crowd them.Set the air fryer to 270 degrees F and cook for the desired amount of time.You can see the different levels of doneness in the photo before. Egg 1 wascooked for 9 minutes, Egg 2 was cooked for 10 minutes, Egg 3 was cooked for 11minutes, and Egg 4 was cooked for 12 minutes.While they are cooking, get a medium or large bowl of ice and water. When theeggs are done cooking, use tongs to remove them from the air fryer basket andput them in the bowl of ice water. Allow the eggs to cool for 10 minutes inthe ice bath before peeling.All eggs were room temperature when we cooked them. If you’re usingrefrigerated eggs, you may need to add an extra minute to your cook time.

How to Use Hard Boiled Eggs

Hard boiled eggs are so versatile. They can be used in every meal, or just eatthem on their own for a quick snack.Breakfast Recipes:Lunch Recipes:Dinner Recipes:Snacks:

Ingredient Notes:

Eggs – Granted, this is the only ingredient in this recipe. But that makes iteven more important! There are perks to different types of eggs when it comesto hard boiling them. One, we used large eggs in this recipe. If you use adifferent size, your cooking times will vary.There is also a difference in peeling the eggs based on the age of the eggsand whether they are fresher or older eggs. Normally, older eggs are mucheasier to peel and fresh eggs are a beast to peel. With the air fryer, theyshould peel easily regardless of age.

How to Store

* The best way to store hard boiled eggs is to place them in an air-tight container or plastic bag in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. * You can store them peeled or unpeeled, but they peel the easiest right out of the water bath. It’s also great to get all of the peeling out of the way and then store them. * Freezing hard boiled eggs does not work well as it changes the texture of the whites and makes them rubbery.

Hard Boiled Eggs in the Air Fryer

HARD BOILED EGGS IN THE AIR FRYER are the a hassle-free way to make ‘boiled’eggs that peel easily and taste amazing!Raise your hand if you’ve ever started a pot of eggs and water on the stoveand then totally forgot about them, overcooking the eggs or maybe evenexploding the eggs all over the kitchen…Yes, it’s happened here too. 😉Enter the air fryer…no more exploding eggs! They’ll cook for the amount oftime you set on the air fryer and that’s the end of it. These are fool proof!Plus, it is faster to air fry your eggs than it is to boil them.Beyond that, the worst part of hard boiled eggs is removing the shell. Well,with the air fryer the shell becomes very fragile, and if you cool it quickly,the shell comes right off.Plus, we’ll share the different cook times for a softer or harder egg. You’rein control here!When you are using hot water, the time to cool, heat, etc. is a more difficultto control variable than the temp inside your small air fryer. So if you wantprecise “boiling” of your eggs, the air fryer will be your best friend.

How to Store Hard-Boiled Eggs

You can peel your hard-boiled eggs or leave them unpeeled. Either way, they’lllast 1 week in the fridge. Peeled hard-boiled eggs should be kept in anairtight container with damp paper towels. You can also keep peeled eggs in abowl of cold water, just be sure to change out the water each day.”

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