Can I freeze these vegetarian mini quiche

Can I make this recipe ahead of time?

Definitely, this recipe is perfect for parties. Make them a day or two before,refrigerate them and warm them up for few minutes in the oven before servingthem.

How can I make soy yogurt without a starter?

If you don’t have any vegan yogurt starter – look for live cultures oracidophilus that comes in capsules. They are available at health food storesand online. Once opened, they will last only about a month.You can use kefir grains as well!

Easy Vegan Korma Recipe

A really good coconut korma must be made from scratch, and you will besurprised at how easy is this vegan korma to make. It always turns out muchbetter than the ready-made korma that you buy in the stores.This simple vegan korma recipe will be a game-changer, once you try it youwill never buy ready korma from the store again. And the best part? It onlytakes half an hour to make from start to finish! If you’re into meal planning,then you will love this as you can make a big batch just like I do and cookenough of it for a few days. It also freezes very well.

Can you freeze your leftover egg whites?

You will have some egg whites left over from this recipe so keep them in afreezer proof container and freeze for when you need to make meringue. Oncedefrosted they whip up really well.* * *

How do I make vegan Greek yogurt?

A healthy vegan alternative to traditional Greek yogurt would be using silkentofu instead of soy milk for a protein-packed treat!

Can I freeze these vegetarian mini quiche?

Yes, you can freeze them ahead of time. On the day of the party, bring themback to life by placing them into a mini muffin tin and reheating them in theoven for few minutes.

Looking for Indian side dishes for your vegetarian curry?

Try our Brinjal pickle, a classic Indian condiment packed with plenty of spiceand a slight sweet hit.Our kale and paneer stuffed naan makes a great accompaniment to curry.* * *How about giving some vegetarian samosas a go to eat before your main?* * *Or make our carrot and cardamom pilaf to serve on the side* * *We also have a fab chickpea salad recipe to serve with your vegetable curry.Easy Quiche Recipe – olivemagazineTry our cheese and onion quiche, then check out our quiche lorraine, crustlessquiche and more quiche recipes.For more meat-free options, try our vegetarian pie, vegetarian wellington andmore vegetarian recipes.”

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