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Nutrition FactsEasy tomato quicheAmount Per Serving (1 piece)Calories 285 Calories from Fat 162% Daily Value*Fat 18g28%Saturated Fat 10g63%Cholesterol 121mg40%Sodium 324mg14%Potassium 166mg5%Carbohydrates 23g8%Fiber 1g4%Sugar 2g2%Protein 9g18%Vitamin A 951IU19%Vitamin C 5mg6%Calcium 54mg5%Iron 2mg11%* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Basic Cheese And Tomato Quiche

This easy quiche recipe is a basic quiche – yet quite delicious – and thereare a number of variations you can try out. The ingredients are just eggs,milk, cheese and tomatoes in a pastry case but you can add herbs andflavourings to your taste.You can use either white flour pastry or wholemeal flour – or a mix of thetwo. I always think wholemeal flour has an enjoyable nutty flavour – and ofcourse you get the added health benefits of the wholemeal flour.Alternatively, you can always use ready made, shop bought pastry.

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Cheese And Tomato Quiche RecipeCheese And Tomato Quiche Quiches, like pizzas, are very adaptable. Great for salads, buffets andparties. Once you know the basics you can make a quiche from a wide variety ofingredients, which means it can be very useful for using up vegetables youhave in your fridge which are not in sufficient quantity to make a wholeportion for a main meal. This easy recipe for Cheese and Tomato Quiche is madefrom basic ingredients you are likely to have in your cupboards.Use whatever type of tomatoes you have – small cherry or plum ones can be cutin half and dotted around the top or one large one can be sliced to distributein four or six slices.Possibly the best known quiche recipe is Quiche Lorraine, named after the areafrom where it came from, which was originally a German area, so officiallyquiche comes from Germany. Apparently the word quiche comes from the Germanfor cake – ‘Kuchen’. Quiches are very good eaten cold as part of a picnic orpacked lunch.> This Cheese and Tomato quiche recipe can be made with ingredients you> probably already have in your fridge and cupboards

Alternative To A Pastry Base

If you want a lighter base than pastry – or want to avoid the wheat and fat –try making a quiche with a rice base. It is very easy and makes a nice change.Click here for How To Make A Rice Base For A QuicheServe with new potatoes and salad leaves or your favourite cooked vegetables

Cheese And Tomato Quiche Recipe

Deliciously easy quiche recipe to serve hot or coldPrep Time 15 minsCook Time 45 minsResting Time 30 minsTotal Time 1 hr 30 minsCourse Main CourseCuisine BritishServings 6Calories 315 kcal

About this tomato quiche recipe

The basis of the easy tomato quiche with goat cheese is my vegetarian quicherecipe. A fine, slightly salty shortcrust pastry base is followed by adelicious creamy glaze of goat cheese, cream cheese, spring onions, andcolorful herbs.When it comes to vegetables, you are completely at your choice: whether youmake the tomato quiche with cherry tomatoes or normal large tomatoes – theresult is great. I had actually planned to bake the quiche with yellow andorange cocktail tomatoes. But neither of them was available at the moment. Butat least 10 kinds of red, grrrr….To make the look a bit more “exciting”, I combined different tomato sizes inthe end. And put a few with green stems on top. So the goat cheese quiche isreally something for the eye!”

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