47 Easy Fun Dinner Ideas Recipes for Family Night

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Easy Breakfast Casseroles

This Overnight Blueberry French Toast Casserole can be made the night before,making it perfect for a quick and easy breakfast the next day!No need to wait for Christmas to make this Overnight Eggnog French ToastCasserole! It tastes good all year round, and it’s super easy to prep thenight before!Speaking of french toast casseroles, this Cranberry French Toast Casserole isso delicious and easy to make!This Crockpot Breakfast Casserole is the epitome of easy breakfast recipes!Throw everything in the crock pot, and breakfast is ready in no time!A Chile Relleno Breakfast Casserole is always a good option! Make it a thebeginning of the week and keep the leftovers to reheat all week long!This Ham and Potato Breakfast Casserole for Two is quick, easy, delicious andthe perfect size to make if you’re not feeding a crowd!

Looking for fast and easy dinner ideas?

The question Alex and I asked most often is, “What are your favorite fast andeasy dinner ideas?” And we get it. Life is busy. There are 101 things to do,and adding cooking to that list can be stressful.Luckily, you can find dinner recipes made in less than 30 minutes with bigflavor. These are recipes with fresh, high quality flavor that’s achievedwithout using cheap shortcuts. Creating this type of fast and easy dinnerideas has become our sweet spot. We love tinkering to get the perfect balanceof speed and deliciousness. Here are some of our favorite concepts for fastand easy dinner ideas:With all the recipes in our arsenal, we’ve got you covered for thoseweeknights where you have less than 30 minutes to spare. In many cases, makingone of our easy dinner ideas is even faster than takeout!

And now…our top fast & easy dinner recipes!

First up in our fast and easy dinner recipes: garlic shrimp! The shrimp comeout impossibly juicy with the best garlic flavor. The best part? It takesunder 10 minutes to make. Yep, that’s pretty unheard of in dinnertimeterritory. Serve with pasta or couscous and a salad for a speedy meal. Alsotry Cilantro Lime Shrimp. Scroll down for the recipe!Total time: 10 minutesGet RecipeHere’s the very definition of easy dinner recipes: 5 Minute Tacos! Can dinnerreally be made in 5 minutes? Yes, dinner will materialize before your eyes!These tacos are filled with “chorizo-style eggs”, which take on a meatytexture and flavor in a flash. Top them with salsa fresca, red onion slivers,cilantro & hot sauce, and prepare to be amazed.Total time: 5 minutesGet RecipeWho doesn’t love a good grilled cheese sandwich? Here’s one with a glamoroustwist: the avocado grilled cheese. Simply adding an avocado and tomato to astandard grilled cheese makes it fit for serving to company! Although it’s asimple dish, grilled cheese can be gussied up as much or as little as youlike.Total time: 10 minutesGet RecipeSome pasta recipes stand a head above the rest, and this is one of them. Trythis cheese tortellini in creamy marinara sauce! In just 15 minutes, you’vegot a pasta skillet that’s a literal symphony flavor. The fresh basil-infusedmarinara sauce is perfectly complimented with pillows of tangy goat cheese.(In fact, it’s like this baked goat cheese dip made into a main dish.)Total time: 15 minutesGet RecipeIt’s simple, it’s elegant, but it tastes like something you’d order at arestaurant: Sheet Pan Salmon and Asparagus! Roasting it up on a sheet pan withlemon slices and fresh herbs adds effortless flavor that feels fresh yetrefined. This sheet pan meal is the perfect weeknight meal.Get RecipeNext up in our easy dinner recipes: this mushroom pasta! It’s a fan favoriterecipe because of the big flavor that’s possible in under 30 minutes. Imagine:creamy goat cheese and savory mushrooms, seasoned with thyme and oregano andpaired with the bite of chewy pasta. An absolute showstopper.Also try: Mushroom Pasta with ParmesanTotal time: 25 minutesGet RecipeThis chickpea curry is the epitome of healthy weeknight dinners! It can bemade in just 20 minutes, a speed record for sure. But there are no flavorshortcuts: it’s bursting with garlic, ginger, cumin, and curry powder, with abit of coconut swirled in for a creamy body. Serve with basmati rice and it’sa true gem.Total time: 20 minutesGet RecipeHere’s the ultimate quick weeknight meal, a filling vegetarian dinner thatcomes together in 20 minutes flat. Meet this soba noodle bowl! It’s filledwith stir fried broccoli, red pepper and onion, mix with a savory sauce withcreamy peanut butter. Even better: eggs are scrambled right into the mix (likefried rice, but with noodles!).Get RecipeThis chickpea bowls recipe is a common repeat in our easy dinner recipesrepertoire. In just 25 minutes, you have a fresh bowl of veggies that’ssmothered in a tangy lemon tahini sauce. If you’re just starting to eat plantbased recipes or have been eating them for years, this one is a truly tastyway to eat your veggies.Total time: 25 minutesGet RecipeHere’s our ultimate fast and easy dinner recipe: Naan Pizza! Get this: it’sfaster than delivery pizza, healthier, and it tastes better. So why order outwhen you can make tasty pizza in? Packaged naan bread is easy to find thesedays, making it easy to run to the store on a naan pizza run. You’ll neverneed delivery or frozen pizza again!Total time: 15 minutesContinue ReadingHere’s a meal that consistently makes everyone who takes a bite say Wow. Trythis Pecan Crusted Salmon! It has an air of restaurant-style fancy, but it’sfast and easy to whip up on a weeknight. It takes basic salmon to the nextlevel, coating it in a crunchy topping of nuts, seasoned breadcrumbs, andParmesan cheese. The flavors are elevated enough for dinner guests, but alsotasty enough for kids to shovel in bites.Total time: 20 minutesGet RecipeIs there anything better than shrimp tacos? Add chips and salsa as a side, andwe can’t think of much better. The cilantro sauce drizzle is creamy likeranch, but with cilantro and cumin. This easy dinner idea is fast enough forweeknights and fancy enough for entertaining: making it a double whammy.Total time: 20 minutesGet RecipeLooking for a healthy and easy weeknight meal? Try this shrimp and broccoli!The pair are cooked with soy sauce and and rice vinegar until bright andsavory. The contrast of the crisp tender broccoli against the juicy shrimp isreally something. Serve it with rice or noodles to make it a complete mealthat comes together quickly.Total time: 20 minutesGet RecipeThis recipe makes the humble solo meal into a delicious fast and easy dinner,resulting in a big batch all at once on a sheet pan! All the quesadillas aredone at the same time, and they come out with a beautifully crispy exterior.In fact, it feels like a whole new version of this classic: like Quesadillas2.0. Here’s how to whip up a pan of baked sheet pan quesadillas that are sogood, everyone will be begging for more.Total time: 25 minutesGet RecipeFor this creamy mac and cheese, Greek yogurt is stirred in at the end, to givea creamy texture. Fresh spinach is gently wilted in for all the addednutrients without a strong flavor, and turmeric gives a tiny immunity boostand some extra color. And the flavor? Spot on delicious. The combination ofcheddar cheese, Parmesan cheese and fresh garlic makes it irresistible.Total time: 25 minutesGet RecipeThese loaded quinoa tacos are a true crowd pleaser and one of our go to’s forquick weeknights! The quinoa filling is toasted and filled with taco spicesand lime. Then combine it with a bell pepper slaw, spicy sour cream, salsa,and feta cheese, and you’ve got a new level of delicious. Oh and pickled redonions for color and crunch!Total time: 30 minutesGet RecipeIf you’ve got no time at all: spring for tuna salad! This classic tuna saladis surprisingly satisfying: it hits all the right savory notes to make thevery best sandwich! To make it ultra creamy, it uses both mayo and Greekyogurt; Greek yogurt ups the creamy factor while keeping calories low. Alsotry: Tuna Salad with Egg or Avocado Tuna SaladTotal time: 10 minutesGet RecipeReady in just 30 minutes, we affectionately call this soup “pizza soup”because it tastes like liquid pizza! The pizza flavor comes in part from theSan Marzano tomatoes, an Italian variety of tomato that’s available canned.Combine with fennel and smoked paprika, throw in some Tuscan kale to the mix,and you’ve got one delicious soup that reminds you of your favorite pizza pie.Total time: 30 minutesContinue ReadingSalmon is so quick to prepare and full of nutrients that it prominentlyfeatures in our easy dinner recipes. Here this 10-minute baked salmon recipemakes for an ultra quick dinner, paired with a bright green pesto sauce. Servewith a whole grain like our pesto quinoa or rice.Total time: 30 minutesGet Recipe

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We have a blast on our podcast,The Kim and Kalee Show, every week! Join us forfun, simple tips to improve every aspect of your life!24+ EASY Breakfast Recipes for Busy Mornings! Quick Breakfast IdeasWhether you’re looking for something sweet or savory, muffins or casseroles,these 24 Easy Breakfast Recipes are for you! Spend less time in the kitchenand more time enjoying the important things! Vending machines perth supplierRoyal Vending is the best in the business.These days, we could all use a little more “easy” in our lives; especiallywhen it comes to making meals. When you’re trying to get everyone going to themorning, an easy breakfast is exactly what you need!These 24 Easy Breakfast Recipes range from muffins to casseroles andeverything in between. So many great ideas for quick yet delicious ways to getyour day started!

Fun & Easy Family Friendly Dinner Ideas (When Nothing Sounds Good)

You’re going to love these fun dinner ideas for family! These delicious dinnerideas are all family favorites. Plus, each one is an easy meal to get on thedinner table!One of our favorite family dinners for Taco Tuesday is this Dorito Taco Saladrecipe with Nacho Cheese Doritos, hamburger, beans, tomatoes and lettuce! It’sso easy to make!Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: foodmeanderings.comThese Tacos in a Bag, also known as “walking tacos, ” are a fun and easy wayto get your taco fix. They are portable and there are no dishes to wash!Continue ReadingThis potato soup is one of our favorite slow cooker meals and the ultimatecomfort food! It is sure to be a new favorite recipe!Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: soreyfitness.comAnother great crockpot recipe is this hearty turkey chili!Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: jackslobodian.comThis tender Crockpot Garlic BBQ Chicken recipe is delicious and perfect forthose lazy days. It takes less than 5 minutes to prep and uses 3 ingredients,simply set it and forget itContinue ReadingPhoto Credit: soreyfitness.comThis one-skillet meal is super spicy with jalapeños, but you can also swapthem for green chiles if you have small kiddos!Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: bubbapie.comAnother spicy dinner idea would be this jalapeño popper chicken casserole!Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: www.askchefdennis.comWhen it’s time to cook up deliciousness for your family my Blackened TacoBar is just what you need to turn dinner into a fiesta!Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: www.mimosasandmotherhood.comThis crescent roll taco ring is a family favorite for good reason! It’ssuper easy, cheesy and perfect for all your favorite taco toppings. And did wemention how fun it is for the kids to help make?Continue ReadingOur creamy vegan pasta primavera is one of our favorite easy pasta recipes!All you need is your vegetables and one pot to recreate this tasty recipe!Continue ReadingTalk about a fun family dinner! These loaded pulled pork tater tot nachos (ortochos for short) are a full meal! We combined BBQ, potatoes, and beans tocreate this cheesy casserole!Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: maesmenu.comThis tater tot casserole is one of the best easy dinner ideas we’ve tried!Continue ReadingSheet pan dinners make meal prep and clean up a breeze! One of our favoritehealthy dinners is this One Sheet Pan Chicken Green Beans and Potatoes withgarlic and lemon!Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: homebodyeats.comLearn to make homemade sushi as a family! Everyone can customize their ownhomemade sushi roll!Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: intelligentdomestications.comThis 3 meat pizza is perfect for meat lovers in the family, and you cancustomize your other toppings as a family!Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: spiceandsugarmama.comPizza and pasta will put a smile on the faces of any family. This is a mealthat comes together quickly and that kids love to help make.Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: easybudgetrecipes.comThis Pizza Casserole recipe is loaded with rotini pasta, pizza toppings, andplenty of melted mozzarella cheese. It’s a family favorite that’s easy tomake and feeds a crowd!Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: soreyfitness.comIt’s always fun (and easy) to have breakfast for dinner! We love thisbreakfast pizza, and it’s so simple to make with pizza dough!Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: soreyfitness.comIf your family loves spicy meals, this hot chicken chili is bound to be a newfamily favorite!Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: thecaglediaries.comWho doesn’t like that sweet and savory flavor of Chicken and Waffles!? Talkabout pleasing the whole family!Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: www.dinneratthezoo.comThis bacon wrapped chicken is chicken breasts seasoned with brown sugar andspices, then wrapped in bacon and baked until caramelized.Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: kimandkalee.comThis is delicious and such a fun Saturday night idea!Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: www.bucketlisttummy.comThis loaded sweet potato nachos recipe is an easy vegetarian nachos recipe,great for a quick weeknight dinner, or even a pantry meal! Customize yourtoppings for these ultimate plant based nachos.Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: kidgredients.com.auMake your own delicious fish fingers! They are so much yummier than what youget at the grocery store!Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: plantbasedonabudget.comThese Tex-Mex Zucchini Boats are a tasty snack that is light and low incarbohydrates. A healthy treat that the whole family will enjoy while watchingfootball games or dinner!Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: livesozy.comThis vegan Sloppy Joes recipe is great for those looking to add more plant-based meals to their menu lineup. The filling is rich and trust me, it tastesjust as good as the traditional Sloppy Joes recipe!Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: aseasonedgreeting.comA fun spin on chicken parm, these Chicken Parm Meatballs are a hit with thewhole family! Easy, cheesy, and filling. Top with extra parmesan cheese if youwant!Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: anyreasonlife.comThis pasta bake casserole has your family’s favorite flavors like beef andcream cheese. It’s simple to pop in the oven and feed the whole family too.Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: thebellyrulesthemind.netBao buns are fluffy, steamed rolls stuffed with a savory or sweet stuffing.Our bao buns are stuffed with a combo of sweet and sour flavor, pickledveggies, tofu, and a delicious sauce. You really don’t need a specialoccasion to make these hand-held treatsContinue ReadingPhoto Credit: easybudgetrecipes.comThis Copycat Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme recipe is easy, delicious, and somuch better than the original! Each is filled with taco meat, nacho cheese,sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese, and a tostada to give itssignature crunch!Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: thebellyrulesthemind.netThese copycat Taco Bell Chalupa Supremes are incredibly easy to make and tasteeven more delicious than the restaurant version.Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: www.masalaherb.comWe love this baked ziti recipe!Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: rachnacooks.comThis creamy pumpkin pasta is redolent with fall flavors. Quick and easy tomake, a wonderful family meal.Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: paleoglutenfreeguy.comYou just need 3 ingredients for juicy pork chops coated in a sticky, tangy andsweet glaze!Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: theshortordercook.comEverything is more fun and tasty when it is on a stick. That includes thiseasy chicken teriyaki on a stick recipe.Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: crayonsandcravings.comThe whole family will love these perfectly crispy chicken tenders that arecoated with crushed cornflakes and seasoning.Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: onmykidsplate.comThis mini turkey burgers sliders with cheese recipe is one of our go-togrilling dinnertime favorites. A few spices and some lean turkey, and kids andadults will be excited about their mini-sized turkey burgers that are theperfect size for small hands.Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: mymorningmocha.comDelicious king prawn chow mein is a fun dinner idea that will please the wholefamily. It’s so easy to make and takes only 15 minutes. It’s a greatopportunity to get the wok out!Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: masalaandchai.comThese jumbo stuffed pasta shells are set in tomato basil sauce, stuffed with acreamy citrusy herbaceous lemon basil whipped ricotta, and baked to crispybubbly golden brown. This is the ultimate comfort food that’s great for pickykids or feeding a crowd.Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: recipesfromapantry.comIt’s so easy to enjoy one of your favorite restaurant meals at home. Airfryer fish and chips are easy to make, healthier and taste amazing!Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: thecaglediaries.comAir fryer Pizza Rolls are so much fun, even the little ones can get in on themaking of these. They’re easy and ready in 15 minutes!Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: kimandkalee.comThese sliders are perfect to serve with chips or baked french fries!Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: nourishplate.comInstant Pot Chicken Fajita Pasta is a comforting and cheesy dump and startrecipe. It is perfect for a busy weeknight dinner!Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: soreyfitness.comThe Instant Pot cuts meal prep in half, and this soup has enough servings youmay even have leftovers for tomorrow!Continue ReadingPhoto Credit: kimandkalee.comIf you love In-N-Out burgers, you have to try these Instant Pot burgers withcheese! It’s like eating a Double Double!Continue ReadingInstead of choosing fast food, we love this orange chicken recipe!Continue ReadingThis vegetable soup with ground beef is hearty enough to be served without anyside dishes. However, we do love it with creamy mashed potatoes!!Continue ReadingWhether it’s a Saturday night at home or a one of those busy weeknights, thesepractical tips and delicious and quick dinner ideas will become some of yourfamily’s favorites!

Easy Muffin Recipes

These Banana Blueberry Muffins are one of my favorite muffin recipes! They arebuttery and soft on the inside with big bakery tops. And they have thatperfect moist but fluffy texture that everyone loves.Keeping with the banana theme, these Moist and Delicious Banana Chocolate ChipMuffins are always a hit! They’re so yummy, they are almost like havingdessert for breakfast!Muffins are great for easy breakfast recipes because you can grab them and go!These Pineapple Orange Poppyseed Muffins are sweet, tropical and a great wayto start the day!Speaking of delicious, these Nutella Triple Chocolate Muffins are perfect forany chocolate lover! Just make the batter, throw them in the oven and you’vegot an easy breakfast to take on the go!These Bakery Lemon Blueberry Muffins are light and buttery on the inside,perfectly studded with blueberries and flavored with lemon for a littlebrightness. They bake up big and tall, with a crispy outer crust.Let’s be honest, french toast is not one of those easy breakfast recipes thatone needs in a pinch. But these Cinnamon Raisin French Toast Muffins sure are!And they’re just as delicious as the real thing, too!No time to make pancakes in the morning? Try making these Pancake Muffinsinstead! They use the same pancake mix that you love, but no flippingrequired.These Lemon Vanilla Crumb Muffins have a crunchy brown sugar streusel and alemon glaze drizzled on top. A great way to start your morning with a littlesunshine!These Chocolate Banana Muffins are filled with chocolate chips & sprinkledwith sugar. Even though they’re homemade, you don’t even have to get the mixerout!”

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