18 ground beef pot pie recipe with crescent rolls

Zucchini Chicken Casserole

As much as I love eating this zucchini casserole with hamburger, and I havefor years, we are trying to make this excellent recipe more often withchicken.We have used everything from leftover chicken, to a rotisserie chicken toground chicken. We have been LOVING the results in our zucchini chickencasserole.There is so much you can do with the middle layer.My friend Julie uses a condensed soup with a rotisserie chicken and some freshor frozen vegetables, depending on how much time she has to prepare it.The only part of making this shredded zucchini casserole that is timeconsuming is the drying of the zucchini. After you do that a few times, youwill be able to make the zucchini base in your sleep.Your middle layer of this zucchini chicken casserole can look any way you wantit to.Once you try this easy zucchini casserole recipe for the first time, usingchicken or not, you will see all of the possibilities.My goal is for you to make a zucchini chicken casserole that is perfect foryou and your family.

16. BBQ Beef Braid Easy Ground Beef Recipe With Crescent Dough

Best Crescent Roll Ground Beef Recipes from BBQ Beef Braid Easy Ground Beef Recipe With Crescent Dough. Source Image:www.mommysfabulousfinds.com. Visit this site for details:www.mommysfabulousfinds.com* * *

Meaty Zucchini Casserole

This Meaty Zucchini Casserole or Bake recipe, with the best shredded zucchinibase, or pizza crust, uses cheese, ground beef or hamburger, chicken and more.Course Main CourseCuisine American

Ingredients in Meaty Zucchini Casserole

* salt * zucchini * ground beef, pork, turkey, chicken or sausage * onion * mushrooms * sweet peppers * shredded cheese * tomato sauce * cooking spray

Zucchini Casserole with Ground Beef

Most frequently, I have made this zucchini casserole with ground beef. Mygrandfather lived next door to a cattle farmer and boy oh boy did we end upwith a lot of beef.We loved every minute of it.Needless to say for years we only made this zucchini bake recipe with groundbeef or hamburger.Truthfully, we ate beef a majority of the time and we did that for years.As the years have passed by, and my grandparents are no longer with us, norare the cattle farmers. We have also tried to incorporate a bunch of otherproteins into our lives to make this cheesy beef and zucchini casserole.Honestly, I have enjoyed all of them, even our zucchini chicken casserolewhich was such a nice change after eating only beef in this zucchini bake forso long.This meaty zucchini casserole is just that good.I have even used a soy based crumble to make this recipe and everyone lovedit. My husband did too until he knew what it was. Then he decided he didn’t.Now, when I include it in something I just don’t tell him and there is noissue at all.These days I find myself using ground turkey and ground pork because the porkstops the turkey from drying out, in my opinion. When that isn’t possible Iwill use a ground pork and beef blend or just ground beef.However, most frequently I have been experimenting with our zucchini chickencasserole and have been having a blast!

She wouldn’t be her without green either.

I told her it made good sense. I have to tell you I was still shaking withexcitement inside and then started thinking about a rainbow…?!In a million years I would never have thought to say that to her to get her toeat green food much sooner than she did.I asked her to speak with her mother on the phone and ask if it was alright ifshe stayed for dinner.This is terrible but I had already texted her mother. I just couldn’t wait. Iwas so excited and had to tell someone.My husband didn’t even say anything about all of the green food. He assumed itwas all for this website and generally eats whatever is available if he’s notcooking himself.He didn’t really understand all of my excitement as he figured she wasn’tgoing to exclude green food indefinitely anyways. I knew he was correct butthat wasn’t the point in my opinion.I wanted him to be a little happier about it.And I felt like my friend and I had just won a battle that needed celebrating.It was so hard to act super calm but she was right in front of me.Her mom said it was alright for them both to stay even though she was planningon staying for dinner anyways. We set the table and carried on as usual.The green phase of our lives was over.For the record she ate an entire piece of this shredded zucchini casserole anda slice of the last totally green, chocolate chip Vanilla Bundt Cake I willlikely ever have to make.

Especially when she gets to help shred the zucchini.

She asked if she could stay for dinner. I told her that we were eatingzucchini casserole with ground beef and spaghetti sauce and there wasn’tanything else for me to give her.I would make sure to have her over for dinner at another time. Both thezucchini casserole with hamburger and dessert had green in them or were green.I apologized to her and told her that if I had known that she was coming overI would have made something else.She was thinking about it for a while. It seemed to go on for an eternity. Shewas quiet and was considering her options.My fingers were crossed that she was going to want to stay.I was trying to look busy in the kitchen. Acted like I was continuing to getdinner ready.Finally, as I started to set the table she did it. She said the words.May I stay for dinner? I reminded her that we were having this meaty zucchinicasserole and she let me know that she changed her mind. Green foods werealright to eat again.I asked her why and she told me that her body needed green food too, just likea rainbow. She must have seen the slightly puzzled look on my face so shecontinued that a rainbow isn’t a rainbow without green.”

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