15 Of the Best Beyond Meat Recipes on the Internet

15 Of the Best Beyond Meat Recipes on the Internet

So I’ll admit it: I was skeptical of Beyond Meat at first.As a vegan of almost 10 years, I didn’t believe that something could taste soclose to meat (or at least, what I remembered meat tasting like). But aftervisiting a vegan fest in my area last spring, my husband and I thought we’dtry a Beyond cheeseburger for giggles. After watching the vendor throw it onthe grill, top it with all the fixins, and plop fries on the side, we foundour place on the lawn to picnic.What followed was a complete moan-fest, with melty vegan cheese and dairy-freemayo dripping from our lips. It was so BEYOND good that, after licking ourfingertips of all the juices, we dusted the grass off our pants, andimmediately set off to the grocery store to find more Beyond Beef patties.That night, we feasted like royalty.It was the best date night ever.I was so shocked by how good Beyond tasted, that I immediately started ravingabout it to all my non-vegan friends and family (so like, everyone I know).And at each family get together last year, I served Beyond, making believersout of every single one of my family members and friends. The best part? Itworked! (Insert maniacal laugh here.)Last Updated: September 1, 2021

What’s the best way to prepare a Beyond Burger?

The best way to cook a beef burger is on a grill, so it makes sense that thebest way to cook this beef-like plant burger is also on a grill (as is forother meat alternatives). If you don’t have a grill or grilling isn’t yourfavorite cooking method, Beyond Burgers cook just fine in a stovetop skillet,too.To grill Beyond Burgers: * Clean and preheat your grill (gas or charcoal) * Grill your Beyond Burgers for three minutes on each side, or until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees FahrenheitTo pan-cook Beyond Burgers: * Heat a skillet over medium high heat * Grease the skillet with a light coat of olive oil or butter * Cook Beyond Burgers for 3 minutes on each side or until browned on the outsideYou could even bake a Beyond Burger in the oven as long as it reaches therecommended 165 degrees internally, but no promises that the texture will comeout right.Crumbling a Beyond Burger into a baked recipe, such as a casserole, wouldwork, but I’d still recommend browning the meat before adding it to the bakingdish.When cooking the Beyond Burgers, I noticed they left quite a bit of residue inmy skillet. Not a big deal, but I might prefer to grill them next time toreduce clean-up.Amanda Capritto

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Beyond Meat made of?The main ingredient in Beyond Meat ground beef is pea protein, so no worriesabout soy ingredients! It also contains coconut oil, beet powder color, lemonjuice extract, as well as other flavors and added vitamins and minerals.Beyond Meat is naturally gluten-free. For a complete list of ingredients,check out their official label.Can you refreeze Beyond Meat?It is not recommended that you refreeze Beyond Meat.What is the best way to cook Beyond Meat burgers?In my personal opinion, grilling is the BEST way to cook Beyond burgers.They’re less oily and taste amazing. However, they are also great pan-fried aswell.

Can you cook Beyond Burgers from frozen?

Beyond Meat recommends thawing Beyond Burgers before cooking them for the besttaste and texture, and to make sure they’re heated all the way through.However, you can cook them from frozen if you’re in a pinch.If you cook Beyond Burgers from frozen, extend the cooking time by about twominutes on each side. I tested this out at home in a skillet and my BeyondBurgers took just over 10 minutes (versus the six for thawed patties) to cookthrough properly. Your experience may differ slightly depending on how hotyour skillet or grill is.When I cooked my Beyond Burgers from frozen, the edges got crispier than Iimagine they would have if I cooked them thawed.Amanda Capritto

15 of the best Beyond Meat recipes

And so, I bring you some of the best Beyond Meat recipes on the internet.These recipes are sure to satisfy at any party, holiday, or Monday night in.Related: An Informative List of the Best Vegan Meat Substitutes + BonusRecipesBeyond Meat Vegan Meatballs Recipe That’s Beyond Amazing | Bohemian VeganKitchenThese baked vegan meatballs are so BEYOND AMAZING, no one will be able to tellthe difference! Made using Beyond Beef and chopped spinach, these meatballsare EASY to make and perfect for holidays!Check out this recipeBeyond Burger Patty Melt | Beyond MeatLearn how to make Beyond Burger Patty Melt in a few short minutes with thesecommon ingredients.Check out this recipeVegan Beyond Slaw Dog | Bohemian Vegan KitchenEnjoy this loaded vegan dog, which is based on the slaw dog at Casey’s Corneron Main Street Disney, for half the price!Check out this recipeBeyond Meat Meatloaf With Shiitake Stuffing | My Quiet KitchenHoliday-worthy vegan meatloaf made with Beyond Meat and lentils, with anirresistible shiitake stuffing. Gluten- and nut-free.Check out this recipeVegan 20 Minute Creamy Sausage Pasta | Vegan Travel EatsThis delicious 20 minute meal of pasta, vegan sausage, and spinach is aweeknight lifesaver!Check out this recipeBeyond Meat Recipes | Beyond MeatGet all those feelings of classic tacos with Beyond Beef! These tacos arespiced to perfection and topped with all the favorite taco fixin’s.Check out this recipeBeyond Beef Shepherd’s Pie | Not Not NutritiousHomey and satisfying, this Beyond Beef Shepherd’s Pie has a meaty base and arustic topping of buttery mashed potatoes. Studded with peas and corn forcolour and crunch, this recipe is gluten-free and easily swings from vegan tovegetarian.Check out this recipeCreamy Gnocchi Soup with Vegan Sausage & Kale | Cadry’s KitchenThis creamy gnocchi soup recipe is hearty, warming, and cozy. It’s loaded withpillowy potato dumplings, savory vegan sausage, softened kale, and a luxuriouscashew broth.Check out this recipeLoaded Vegan Chili | Bohemian Vegan KitchenSometimes you just want comfort food, like this easy vegan chili recipe.Simple to make, this healthy vegan chili is loaded down with a variety ofvegetables Beyond Beef. But there’s a twist: no tomatoes! Completely gluten-free and totally flexible, this chili makes the perfect weeknight dinner.Check out this recipeVegan Bacon Cheeseburger | Zen and ZaatarThis vegan bacon cheeseburger is sandwiched between two glazed donuts as buns!Known as the Luther Burger, this recipe comes with an easy vegan donut hack.Check out this recipeVegan Cottage Pie Cupcakes | Plant Power CoupleThis savory Vegan Cottage Pie Cupcake is easily put together with a wow-factorthat belies its simplicity. Your family is going to LOVE these!.Check out this recipeCorn Dog Recipe | Vegan Corn Dogs | Beyond MeatThese vegetarian corn dogs taste like a sausage corn dog but are made withBeyond Sausage Brat Original. This vegan corn dog recipe is a crowd pleaser.Check out this recipeVegan Stuffed Cabbage Rolls | VeganosityEasy Vegan Stuffed Cabbage Rolls are filled with vegan beef, brown rice, freshherbs and spices, and topped with a savory tomato sauce.Check out this recipeVegan Burger Salad | Thyme and LoveCraving a burger, but also a salad? This salad has all your favorite burgertoppings, and then the salad is topped with a delicious homemade dressing!Check out this recipeBeyond Beef Mediterranean Skewers | Beyond MeatLearn how to make Beyond Beef Mediterranean Skewers in a few short minuteswith these common ingredients.Check out this recipe

Why vegans should support companies like Beyond Meat

One thing I’ve heard echo around the internet since the explosion of Beyondproducts nationally, is that it’s not healthy.But while I am not here to argue about it’s healthiness, I do want to pointout that I personally believe all vegans should be supporting it, whether youenjoy eating it or not.Reason being?Well, for starters, there will always be food that people view as “unhealthy”,and we will never see things like hamburgers, hot dogs, ice cream, and pizzatake a final bow. Because no matter how healthy you think you are, one thing’sfor sure: you’re not perfect. Everyone has moments where they indulge in food,especially in America.I don’t care if you eat Buddha bowls, drink smoothies, or dehydrate rawcrackers 18 hours ahead of time; at some point your going to indulge insomething “unhealthy”, or try to make a healthier version of an unhealthyitem. Hence the creation of things like nice cream and black bean brownies.And that’s ok, because you’re a human being dammit!Plus, if you grew up with a constant rotation of fast food, those feelings ofgetting a happy meal when you were a child isn’t going to go away overnight.At the end of a long day, sometimes we just want a cookie, some fries, or apiece of pizza (or all three). I mean hell, I grew up in the south for cryin’out loud!

Beyond Burger recipes

Nacho burger, BBQ ranch burger, mushroom bacon burger… Beyond Meat has youcovered with plenty of recipe ideas for your Beyond Burger cooking adventures.Don’t stop at creative burger ideas, though: Beyond Meat insists you can usethe Beyond Burger for much more. Think burger-stuffed acorn squash, burgerlasagna, a beefy grilled cheese and burger tostadas.”

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