13 Kale Salad with Carrot Ginger Dressing

Green Salad Recipes

A big green salad is one of my go-to meals all year round. In the summer, thelettuces I find at the farmers market are so soft & sweet that a big greensummer salad is really a treat. In the winter, I use a bright, bold dressingto punch up hearty greens like kale. I’ll often make these recipes for lunch,but you could also toss them together to serve as a side dish at your nextcookout or dinner party.10. Healthy Taco SaladSavory shiitake walnut taco “meat” is the star of this salad, and zippycilantro lime dressing gives it a fresh finishing touch. Enjoy this salad as ameal on its own, or serve it as a starter with fajitas or tacos.11. Vegan Cobb Salad with Coconut BaconThis plant-based riff on a classic Cobb salad swaps baked tofu for chickenbreast and smoky toasted coconut for bacon. A creamy, tangy dressing ties itall together.12. Grilled Romaine Vegan Caesar WedgesOne of my favorite green salads of all time! Crisp romaine gets lightlycharred, then drizzled with an irresistibly tangy cashew vegan caesardressing. This one is on page 111 of our new cookbook, Love & Lemons EveryDay.

Best Salad Recipes: Easy Greek Salad

Prep Time: 10 minsCook Time: 5 minsTotal Time: 15 minsServes 4One of our favorite salad recipes! This easy Greek salad recipe is aflavorful, refreshing side dish! * ¼ cup extra-virgin olive oil * 3 tablespoons red wine vinegar * 1 garlic clove, minced * ½ teaspoon dried oregano, more for sprinkling * ¼ teaspoon Dijon mustard * 1 English cucumber, cut lengthwise, seeded, and sliced ¼-inch thick * 1 green bell pepper, chopped into 1-inch pieces * 2 cups halved cherry tomatoes * 5 ounces feta cheese, cut into ½ inch cubes * ⅓ cup thinly sliced red onion * ⅓ cup pitted Kalamata olives * ⅓ cup fresh mint leaves * ¼ teaspoon sea salt * Freshly ground black pepper * In a small bowl, whisk together the olive oil, vinegar, garlic, oregano, mustard, salt, and several grinds of pepper. * On a large platter, arrange the cucumber, green pepper, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, red onions, and olives. Drizzle with the dressing and very gently toss. Sprinkle with a few generous pinches of oregano and top with the mint leaves. Season to taste and serve.Skillet Mexican Street Corn

What is Mexican Street Corn?

Mexican Street Corn is made with grilled corn, then rolled into mayonnaise,sour cream, lime juice, spices, and Cotija.

Skillet Mexican Street Corn

Skillet Mexican Street Corn is loaded with flavor! Sweet summer corn (fresh orfrozen) is toasted/charred it in a skillet and topped with a bit of mayo,green onion, jalapeno (optional) cilantro, crumbled cotija cheese and chilipowder. Serve as a side dish, a dip or top chicken, fish, shrimp, or tacos.Prep Time10 minsCook Time15 minsTotal Time25 minsCourse: Side DishCuisine: MexicanServings: 6 servingsCalories: 182kcal

Potato Salad Recipes

It’s taken me a while to get on board with potato salad, but over the last fewyears of experimenting with bold dressings and different mix-ins, I’ve becometotally hooked. Here are a few of my favorites.26. Creamy Potato SaladThis lightened-up rendition of classic potato salad has a luscious Greekyogurt dressing with just a bit of mayo mixed in. It’s the perfect make-aheadsalad, as the flavor deepens as it sits in the fridge.27. Grilled Potato Salad with Scallion VinaigretteIf you’re grilling veggie burgers, make this summer salad right along withthem. Not only are the potatoes grilled here, but the blueberries are too! Ayummy grilled scallion vinaigrette, fresh herbs, and pickled onions accentthis fun sweet/charred pairing.28. Chimichurri Potato SaladI toss this potato salad in a tangy, herbaceous chimichurri instead of acreamy dressing. It’s a fan favorite from Love & Lemons Every Day – find it onpage 119.29. Purple Potato & Green Bean SaladThis summery bean salad is incredibly versatile. Dress it up with a soft-boiled egg or chickpeas to make it a meal, or serve the mix of potatoes, greenbeans, and lemony dressing as a simple grilling side.

Skillet Mexican Street Corn Recipe

Jan.posted by Paula 32 CommentsSkillet Mexican Street Corn Recipe is corn off the cobb served Mexican style.It’s smothered with a creamy spread and topped with feta cheese, cilantro, andgreen onions.This is one of the best corn side dishes you’ll eat.This is the buttery sauce that makes this skillet corn so yummy!I have loved Mexican Street Corn since trying it for the first time at myfavorite local restaurant. As a result, I developed this recipe that is verysimilar. The restaurant serves Mexican Street Corn with shrimp tacos; I serveit with everything I can. It’s that good.Surprisingly, I don’t usually eat corn on the cob or chicken wings when I’m ata restaurant. It’s the whole getting-something-caught-in-my-teeth-and-no-one-telling-me thing. Do you know what I mean? However, Mexican Street Corn is theone exception to that rule. I sacrifice my standards. It’s that good.Beyond that, I really prefer corn off the cobb. For a few times, when I madeMexican Street Corn I made it on the cobb. Then I realized it was easier tomake and easier to eat off the cobb. In fact, I buy frozen, steam-freshmicrowave corn in a bag. As a result, this Skillet Mexican Street Corn Recipecan be ready in about 5 minutes.As mentioned earlier, it goes with any Mexican themed dish. I like it withshrimp and fish taco, steak tacos, and enchiladas. Really, the possibilitiesare endless.Most noteworthy, this recipe is economical to make and can easily be doubledor tripled for a crowd.

Skillet Mexican Street Corn Recipe

1. First of all, this is a very versatile recipe. You can use steam fresh frozen corn, canned, or fresh corn. 2. Also, a bag of frozen steam fresh corn is my favorite since it can be heated quickly in the microwave. 3. If you use fresh corn, you can either grill it, boil it, or cut it off the cobb, and cook it stovetop. Finally, top the corn with the wonderfully, tasty spread. 4. In addition, to lighten up the fat and calories, you can use a margarine or lower fat butter spread and low-fat mayonnaise. I find with all the spices in the recipe, I don’t really miss the fat.”

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